035 – What it Means to be a Professional

Read about Kim Jong-Un’s photographer getting the boot here:


See the amazing dodge and burn job on J-Lo and A-Rod’s proposal photos here:


Read more about Jordan Peele’s new film “Us” here:


034 – Competition Controversy and Degree Debates

Some information about PPA’s new wedding photography degree can be found here:


The image from WPPI’s winning wedding category 2019 can be seen here:


033 – The Three Undeniable Truths & Happy Birthday to Us!

Hello again! It looks like we’ve got this weekly schedule thing back under control – and it’s great timing, because this week marks the first birthday of the Make Photography Great Again Podcast. Wow. We’ve talked about a lot of stuff, but there’s still a lot more to cover – so we are looking forward to year two.

As will happen when you have a podcast with two educators, you’re going to learn something today. Ted graciously reviews his Three Undeniable Truths. This is a segment he shares with every class he teaches, so tune in for a little Linczak philosophy.

As always, we toss around some basic truths to being a good photographer, including education, technical excellence and getting it right in camera.

Just for kicks, we discuss this pretty epic photographic coincidence:

Married couple discover photo of them both from 11 years before they met

The photograph of husband and wife Xue and Ye 11 years before they met Photograph: Channel NewsAsia

Don’t forget, Ted and I are both speaking at PhotoBlast 2018, the annual convention of the Professional Photographers of Ohio on April 7 & 8 in Dublin, Ohio. For more information please see http://ppofohio.org/photoblast-info/.

Peace, Love & Birthday Cake,


032 – FaceBook U and other Peeves of the Week

This week’s focus is a little…unfocused. Ted works up a really good rant (actually I think he is continuing last week’s rant) and we just bebopped from rant to rant until he stopped. But then he started again, so I don’t know how effective that approach is for a cohesive show.

Anyhow – we talked about albums and competition and albums in competition. And then a little bit about WPPI.

Next up, gear. You know how you go to a class and you learn a new technique that requires some gear you don’t have? Some people buy the gear. And some people, well, let’s just say that the DIY, el cheapo route isn’t exactly the way to go.

We do a little chatting about getting rich through eBay sales. Obviously, not a long section of the show, however, Ted related a really cool story, so I dug up the details and here it is:

$10 eBay Photo Turns Out to be Picture of Jesse James Worth $2,000,000+

And finally we get to the meat of the show – an extended rant about FaceBook U and some of the most ridiculous examples of it that we’ve seen. Most of them within the last 24 hours. Hence the rant.

There’s a few more rants in store for our faithful listeners that make it all the way to the goodbyes. There’s even a baby bonus rant about something that almost everyone is guilty of.

We are working hard on getting back to a regular schedule, so thanks for hanging in there!

Love, hugs and tintypes,


031 – The Hobby Lobby Snobby Episode

Welcome Back! Long time, no see, eh? We’ve had a lot going on and we’ve filled the gap with a few Facebook Live episodes, but here we are, back in the saddle and without missing a beat, we jump in feet first on the new craft store session fad. Oh puleeeeese, don’t make me recap it – it was bad enough to have to talk about it during the episode. Give it a listen and send us some virtual high fives.

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As usual, Ted waxes eloquently on the subject of Valentine’s Day, Ruth Chris and rib eye steaks. Ok, it was just all about the steaks and how he gets deluxe service on a holiday without reservations, but we will let that go.

Also on tap is a discussion about the 2008 film, “The Strangers” and its 2018 sequel, “The Strangers: Prey at Night.’ No spoilers, but Ted has some great insights into both films and the element of suspense.

if you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ve seen the LIVE broadcast recordings over at our Facebook page – if not, check it out, we took some time to check in from both Nashville, TN during IUSA2018 and from an undisclosed, top secret location that we will share later this year. Check out our Facebook page here: Make Photography Great Again.

Peace, love and fake flowers,

030 – An Interview with Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Scott Shaw

December ended up being a busy month for us, but we did take a break to head over to Scott Shaw’s compound off of the shores of Lake Erie for a sit down to discuss his career as a photojournalist, his transition to wedding and portrait work, and of course the story behind his 1988 Pulitzer Prize winning image of baby Jessica McClure being rescued from a well in Texas. Scott has been in the business for over 3 decades, and he provides some great insight on the current state of the photographic industry, the challenges it faces, and where its heading in the future. A great interview all around, you won’t want to miss it!

See more of Scott’s work here: www.scottshawphoto.com

Read more about story of Jessica McClure and see the Pulitzer Prize winning image by clicking here.

Peace out,


029 – The Copyright & Ethics Episode

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week – listen to the podcast. I go over a copyright incident that rubbed me the wrong way and Ted goes over an ethics issue that rubbed him the wrong way. After you wade through the obligatory introductory section about food, it gets pretty serious.


Things aren’t all Grinchy, though – here’s a special challenge for those of you with a sense of humor – below is an image by Ted, who is desperately seeking validation of his work by having it stolen. Steal it and do terrible things to it and then post it on our Facebook page in the special #StealTedsPhoto post. Retouch it, make it into a meme, design an ad around it – I don’t care – just do enough stuff that makes him regret all his whining. Extra points for incorporating a hibachi reference.

I will come up with a real prize for the winner – I promise.

Peace, love & paid invoices,

From the Non-Event Album, Mugshots. Copyright Ted Linczak.


028 – Diagnosing and Curing Suckitude

Boy Howdy time flies when you’re having fun! Welcome back and thank you for joining us once again! Today we review an article that we found quite interesting and pretty much spot on. We went over some of the main points in the podcast, but check out the rest of the article – it’s a good read!

The author, Nicole York, did a great job of taking the (boring) Four Stages of Learning and paralleled them to the learning curve of photographers. Cleverly done!

Check out the article here: Don’t Quit, the Struggle is Normal: The Four Stages of Competence

For a bit, we discuss the latest copyright infringement drama from someone who should know better: Rock Legend Brian May Slams Photog for Protecting Her Copyright

And lastly, we offer up three tips each for improving your photography inside a week. We will even help you with that. Send us a message via our Facebook page to receive the help we offer (you gotta say what it is – which means you have to listen to the episode). Here’s our page: Make Photography Great Again Podcast

PS – Since we are SO into giving back and helping – check out Ted’s Facebook Group From Commodity to Craft – there’s heaps of lessons you’ll find beneficial and it’s a good place to get your questions answered.

Hugs, kisses and light meters,

027 – Business Tips with Brent Watkins

Today’s Guest, Brent Watkins


Boy howdy, call off the PI’s, we didn’t go missing. I’ve just drug my computer parts across the state and back, running a print competition for the Professional Photographers of Ohio. They just ended their fall convention yesterday, so what better time to introduce our next guest interview episode.

Today we are with Business Guru Brent Watkins of Barberton, Ohio (anyone else feeling like this episode is sponsored by the letter B?) Brent owns and operates Sylvart Studios and is the president of The Professional Photographers of Ohio.

We have a candid discussion about business topics and tips that are important to every photographer – we *ARE* in business guys, so let’s listen up. Brent’s been in business for a long while and is a strong advocate for educating our peers so that they may be financially successful and raise the bar in the industry.

It’s a pretty intense hour, with very little time given to frippery – so you serious students will want to check this one out.

During the interview, we discuss the upcoming 2017 Winter Business Summit – more information can be found at this Facebook event.

Peace love and merit prints,





026 – Professional Organizations – Why not?

This week’s episode is one that defies the short description area in the podcast hosting form.

First, of course, we talk about food, specifically, biscuits from Nashville and creamed corn from Ohio. In fact, we talk about food for so long that I accuse Ted of having skipped lunch before recording. I was half right.

Eventually we get to the meat of the episode…the ongoing issue of professional photography organizations; the locals and state level groups that are smaller than the national organizations. They seem to be struggling across the board and we brainstorm some potential causes and solutions.

For the first time we have a GEAR corner…ok, it’s just Ted complaining about his gear, but hey, it’s a move in that direction, right?

In our talking today, we make some references to Texas School. For those who haven’t heard of them, check them out here: Texas School of Professional Photography

And last but not least, we go off on a crazy tangent and discuss a potential GoFundMe project to help Ted finally acquire some decent gear…

Hugs & 70-200s,