030 – An Interview with Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Scott Shaw

December ended up being a busy month for us, but we did take a break to head over to Scott Shaw’s compound off of the shores of Lake Erie for a sit down to discuss his career as a photojournalist, his transition to wedding and portrait work, and of course the story behind his 1988 Pulitzer Prize winning image of baby Jessica McClure being rescued from a well in Texas. Scott has been in the business for over 3 decades, and he provides some great insight on the current state of the photographic industry, the challenges it faces, and where its heading in the future. A great interview all around, you won’t want to miss it!

See more of Scott’s work here: www.scottshawphoto.com

Read more about story of Jessica McClure and see the Pulitzer Prize winning image by clicking here.

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021 – PPNC Convention Wrap Up & IPC Whining

We travel to the far off land of North Carolina to record this week’s episode on a laptop that sounds like something used to decipher enemy transmissions on the eastern front. We had the privilege of speaking with the one and only Ned Winn, outgoing President of the Professional Photographers of North Carolina, to hear his thoughts on the importance of state organizations for professional photographers. Ned also fills us in on the great success that was the Carolina Photo Expo, and a little about what PPNC has in store for the rest of the year. With IPC 2017 drawing to a close and a lot of people left crying about (fill in the blank), we also chat about the possibility of a Hallmark movie centering around post competition angst.

018 – Freedom, Gettysburg, & Tooth Extractions

Well well, we are finally at the point of our first ever 4th of July extravaganza episode. Since we didn’t have time to record that, we instead take a look at the context for this great experiment we call America, and why exactly we celebrate the great 4th of July each year. Ted spends some time talking about his recent Civil War battle reenactment experience, we examine the document that inspired the Declaration of Independence, ¬†and we listen to what exactly happened to the Founders after they signed their names and pledged their lives, their fortune, and their sacred honor. Sadly, poor Christine is absent since she was getting all her teeth removed. Actually, it was just one, I think…

012 – Wedding Season Injuries & Succeeding in Photography

Jason Crocker joins Ted this week for a discussion on a topic most wedding photographers dread: what happens if you have a major injury and are unable to photograph weddings for a few months. Jason talks about his personal experience with this very issue. We also talk a little about the new Profoto B1X and why its a little pointless, as well as what it takes to become successful in photography in 2017.

Check out this shark video we mentioned in the show below: