028 – Diagnosing and Curing Suckitude

Boy Howdy time flies when you’re having fun! Welcome back and thank you for joining us once again! Today we review an article that we found quite interesting and pretty much spot on. We went over some of the main points in the podcast, but check out the rest of the article – it’s a good read!

The author, Nicole York, did a great job of taking the (boring) Four Stages of Learning and paralleled them to the learning curve of photographers. Cleverly done!

Check out the article here: Don’t Quit, the Struggle is Normal: The Four Stages of Competence

For a bit, we discuss the latest copyright infringement drama from someone who should know better: Rock Legend Brian May Slams Photog for Protecting Her Copyright

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011 – Disney Escapades & ShutterFest Attitudes

Ted and Christine lead off the discussion with a recap of their recent adventures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the infamous Facebook Live recording from the top of the Tower of Terror. Things get a little more heated when they return to the topic of Sal’s ShutterFest 2017 Incident, this time in his defense. Whodathunk? Listen in while we bless the heart of a misguided PetaPixel article author.

Since we don’t really want to run traffic to good-old-you-know-who at good-old-you-know-where, here’s some information about Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and a picture of Christine’s $17 Spirit Air lunch.


010 – Controversy: Moments in Photographic History & Shutterfest Results

Dead Confederate soldiers near Dunker Church following the Battle of Antietam. Photograph by Alexander Gardner

Back once again with the topic of controversy, Ted and Christine discuss the 10 most controversial moments in the history of photography; expanding on an article written by John Ortved for History.com. To continue with the theme, they then delve into the recent hoop-lah surrounding the ShutterFest competition results.

As always – here are a few resources to further your own education on this episode’s topics:

These Are the 10 Most Controversial Moments in the History of Photography

A Photo Contest Owner Won His Own Contest, and Pitchforks Came Out

Smash His Camera

009 – Cat Island and Merits for Sale

Who *really* earned those merits and loans? Should hired retouchers be allowed in competition? At what point does someone else’s editing interpretation become the reason that an image excels? A post PPA Northeast District discussion as Ted & Christine analyze the facets that conflict with the spirit of competition.

The weekly cat segment of the podcast occurs first this week and covers an amazing place… because cats. Let us introduce you to Aoshima, Japan’s “Cat Island” – below is a cat after Ted’s own heart…

A cat carries a fish on Aoshima Island on February 25, 2015. Thomas Peter/Reuters.

To see this place of wondrousness filled with furry balls of happiness – please enjoy this video from CBS Sunday Morning:

At some point we get serious with a discussion of PPA’s recent NorthEast district competition (and Christine’s results there) which segues into a Very Serious Discussion on hired retouchers in competition. How often do photographs  of sub-merit quality turn into outstanding competition images with hired digital wizardry? Essentially, can merits be bought? Can loans be bought? You can probably tell which side of the fence we land on and yeah, if you hire retouchers for your competition images, it’s probably going to tick you off – so fair warning. But on the other hand – we promised to talk about those things that don’t get talked about – we aren’t shy of the touchy topics and we aren’t out to be so PC that you all love us all of the time. Give a listen to some serious points of consideration…

008 – Quality Art & Copyright Bull


Magazine Cover Incredulosity continues as Ted and Christine critique the May issue of Photo District News (PDN), inspiring a discussion of the quality of art. Questions abound…Should Art have some semblance of technical competence. Should any work, no matter how haphazardly and skillessly assembled, be labeled as art?

What happens when our art infringes on the work of another? The questions get deep and analytical as the conversation veers towards the  current lawsuit brought by the creator of “Charging Bull” over the installation of “Fearless Girl” in Mew York City.

This, and more deep discussion about the influence of social media on photography; Ted and Christine ponder the questions that plague the artists of today.

As always, for further reading and and insight, here are the sources for some of today’s conversation:

‘Charging Bull’ artist says ‘Fearless Girl’ violated his rights



007 – Copyright or Copy Wrong?

Today’s episode covers the sticky subject of copyright, inspired by the questionable cover of the April 2017 issue of Professional Photographer Magazine, brought to the public eye by an article written by Jack Reznicki and Edward Greenberg. Ted and Christine weighs in on their thoughts and opinions regarding the image on the cover and the potential ramifications of it. They also discuss several similar issues that  have occurred within the music industry, specifically Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”. The moral and ethical responsibility of photographers is analyzed and the question of “how many components of a photograph can be copyrighted?” is bandied about. There’s not a whole lot of fun and games in this episode – all the minutes are allocated to this timely and concerning topic.

As promised, here is the link to the magazine article that is the main topic of discussion this episode: Both Flirting And Dancing With Danger

and a link to an article that covers the Led Zeppelin music copyright issues: Songs on Trial: 10 Landmark Music Copyright Cases


and just for fun – the day wouldn’t be complete without listening to “Stairway to Heaven”: