027 – Business Tips with Brent Watkins

Today’s Guest, Brent Watkins


Boy howdy, call off the PI’s, we didn’t go missing. I’ve just drug my computer parts across the state and back, running a print competition for the Professional Photographers of Ohio. They just ended their fall convention yesterday, so what better time to introduce our next guest interview episode.

Today we are with Business Guru Brent Watkins of Barberton, Ohio (anyone else feeling like this episode is sponsored by the letter B?) Brent owns and operates Sylvart StudiosĀ and is the president of The Professional Photographers of Ohio.

We have a candid discussion about business topics and tips that are important to every photographer – we *ARE* in business guys, so let’s listen up. Brent’s been in business for a long while and is a strong advocate for educating our peers so that they may be financially successful and raise the bar in the industry.

It’s a pretty intense hour, with very little time given to frippery – so you serious students will want to check this one out.

During the interview, we discuss the upcoming 2017 Winter Business Summit – more information can be found at this Facebook event.

Peace love and merit prints,





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