033 – The Three Undeniable Truths & Happy Birthday to Us!

Hello again! It looks like we’ve got this weekly schedule thing back under control – and it’s great timing, because this week marks the first birthday of the Make Photography Great Again Podcast. Wow. We’ve talked about a lot of stuff, but there’s still a lot more to cover – so we are looking forward to year two.

As will happen when you have a podcast with two educators, you’re going to learn something today. Ted graciously reviews his Three Undeniable Truths. This is a segment he shares with every class he teaches, so tune in for a little Linczak philosophy.

As always, we toss around some basic truths to being a good photographer, including education, technical excellence and getting it right in camera.

Just for kicks, we discuss this pretty epic photographic coincidence:

Married couple discover photo of them both from 11 years before they met

The photograph of husband and wife Xue and Ye 11 years before they met Photograph: Channel NewsAsia

Don’t forget, Ted and I are both speaking at PhotoBlast 2018, the annual convention of the Professional Photographers of Ohio on April 7 & 8 in Dublin, Ohio. For more information please see http://ppofohio.org/photoblast-info/.

Peace, Love & Birthday Cake,


028 – Diagnosing and Curing Suckitude

Boy Howdy time flies when you’re having fun! Welcome back and thank you for joining us once again! Today we review an article that we found quite interesting and pretty much spot on. We went over some of the main points in the podcast, but check out the rest of the article – it’s a good read!

The author, Nicole York, did a great job of taking the (boring) Four Stages of Learning and paralleled them to the learning curve of photographers. Cleverly done!

Check out the article here: Don’t Quit, the Struggle is Normal: The Four Stages of Competence

For a bit, we discuss the latest copyright infringement drama from someone who should know better: Rock Legend Brian May Slams Photog for Protecting Her Copyright

And lastly, we offer up three tips each for improving your photography inside a week. We will even help you with that. Send us a message via our Facebook page to receive the help we offer (you gotta say what it is – which means you have to listen to the episode). Here’s our page: Make Photography Great Again Podcast

PS – Since we are SO into giving back and helping – check out Ted’s Facebook Group From Commodity to Craft – there’s heaps of lessons you’ll find beneficial and it’s a good place to get your questions answered.

Hugs, kisses and light meters,

006 – Stephen King and Photographic Teachers

As usual, Ted derails the podcast with movie talk before addressing the meaty topic of what can be done to raise the bar on entry into teaching within the industry. Additional discussion centers on whether the PPA’s Master of Photography degree is becoming too easy to obtain and questions on the level of discernment used in approving Super One Day instructors. Of course, there are random comments on Thin Mints and a slight sidebar on the Coca Cola Museum. As per past episodes, one train wreck is included; Christine’s dog, Ollie, makes a guest appearance (insert rolling eyes emoticon here).

As usual, a little entertainment to go along with your entertainment: