033 – The Three Undeniable Truths & Happy Birthday to Us!

Hello again! It looks like we’ve got this weekly schedule thing back under control – and it’s great timing, because this week marks the first birthday of the Make Photography Great Again Podcast. Wow. We’ve talked about a lot of stuff, but there’s still a lot more to cover – so we are looking forward to year two.

As will happen when you have a podcast with two educators, you’re going to learn something today. Ted graciously reviews his Three Undeniable Truths. This is a segment he shares with every class he teaches, so tune in for a little Linczak philosophy.

As always, we toss around some basic truths to being a good photographer, including education, technical excellence and getting it right in camera.

Just for kicks, we discuss this pretty epic photographic coincidence:

Married couple discover photo of them both from 11 years before they met

The photograph of husband and wife Xue and Ye 11 years before they met Photograph: Channel NewsAsia

Don’t forget, Ted and I are both speaking at PhotoBlast 2018, the annual convention of the Professional Photographers of Ohio on April 7 & 8 in Dublin, Ohio. For more information please see http://ppofohio.org/photoblast-info/.

Peace, Love & Birthday Cake,


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