020 – The Anniversary Episode & Rant Buffet

Greetings and Salutations and thank you very much for your anniversary best wishes!

Whoda thunk? We got this far with no pending lawsuits against us (or each other) – I think we are in the clear to continue on with the photographic shenanigans!

This episode lacks in any movie reference whatsoever (yay for me!) but refers to plenty of photographic techniques that we wish would go away (again, yay for me, I love ranting about this stuff!)

This episode covered a few topics that I had previously addressed through my alter-ego “wootness”, so I thought I’d add in a few cartoons on the subjects at hand:


and if you missed the whole “baby in a Walmart Teacup” phase of photography – I scoured Pinterest and have selected this for your viewing pleasure:

You’re welcome.

If you’ve made it this far and want to actually learn something – take a gander at Ted’s Facebook group where lighting (both natural and FAKE) are taught with great competence (click on the image to be taken to the group):

Peace, love and lustre paper,




018 – Freedom, Gettysburg, & Tooth Extractions

Well well, we are finally at the point of our first ever 4th of July extravaganza episode. Since we didn’t have time to record that, we instead take a look at the context for this great experiment we call America, and why exactly we celebrate the great 4th of July each year. Ted spends some time talking about his recent Civil War battle reenactment experience, we examine the document that inspired the Declaration of Independence,  and we listen to what exactly happened to the Founders after they signed their names and pledged their lives, their fortune, and their sacred honor. Sadly, poor Christine is absent since she was getting all her teeth removed. Actually, it was just one, I think…

017 – Summertime and IPC Deadlines

Greetings faithful listeners! Episode 17 paves the way with new brilliance from our dynamic duo. Well, actually we kinda go ADD on this episode, but with the LATE IPC deadline looming, what else did you expect?

Ted, as usual, works a movie reference into the conversation as he and Christine discuss Joaquin Phoenix and his portrayal of Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line”. Here’s a link to a performance from that film:


Next, we dive into the meat of the episode, IPC (International Photographic Competition). One deadline has passed and the late deadline is in mere days – if you’re freaking out as bad as we are – get yourself entered (see HERE) and then go have some ice cream. Or gelato. Or sherbet.

Speaking of ice cream. And gelato. And sherbet… I talk about my favorite summertime activity. This week. If you want to join me in all the glory, this is the current favored product:

Get a peek into the angsty-brain processes of our dynamic duo as they talk about going from concept to execution on their competition entries. If none of their blathering resonates with you, just refer to this (trigger warning: cuss word ahead):

or this:


Thanks for reading and listening, our success depends on YOU, our faithful fans.

Until next week,


016 – Craft Beer, Critiques and Fashion Photography Fails

So, this week promises to be an hour of power you won’t soon forget. OK, honestly? We got talking about craft beers and it took the whole episode over time, but that will happen when you have SO many photography subjects at hand to vent about. First, of course, we talk about beer, and Ted recommends the following (among others, but this isn’t  a beer blog, so here’s ONE):



Leinenkugle’s Harvest Patch Sandy


For awhile we talk about Pinterest and it is unanimous that brides + Pinterest = Bad News. (<— note capital letters).

The meat of the conversation revolves around a new online retailer, 24 SÈVRES, who promises to raise the bar in fashion photography ( see THIS article ) and sell more clothes as a result. All we can say is “good luck with that.” For those of you who think that might be a little harsh, we invite you to check out a few images…

And, as usual, we dive into one last conversation about critiques; what they are, what they aren’t, and why your mom is not the best person to ask for input.

Enjoy the MPGA Hour of Power and we will be back next week. Meanwhile – have a shandy!


015 – Glamping Tips & Wedding Photographer Peeves

Howdy Listeners! How the heck are ya? Let’s take it way down today and be all cozy, k?

Here’s a new episode for y’a’ll. Somehow we wound up talking about camping. Don’t ask me, I just roll with whatever Ted wants to talk about, and that’s where we landed. As an avid camper, I supplied Ted with a few glamping tips for his upcoming trip out west. Let’s take bets on how many tips he actually uses…

Eventually we get to the meat of the program with a rant/vent about all things that induce wedding photographer angst. You can bet your sweet bippy that we will be hitting this topic again, it might even have to be a mini-series. Since we will definitely be discussing this again, this is the perfect opportunity to give us *your* pet peeves as a wedding photographer. Hit us up through the contact form in the sidebar or comment on this post or on our Facebook page.

We hit a couple of biggies today; guests with cameras that pretty much screw things up, couples that ask you to copy another photographer’s work – angst-inducing topics – fair warning to all those with high blood pressure, k?

Just for the fun of it – here’s a picture of a pie iron. Ted.

Pie Iron. Fill with yummy things, hold over fire until hot. Eat. Burn fingers and mouth. Repeat.

My unofficial favorite recipe: Pie Iron Glamping Reubens: Rye bread, filled with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & thousand island dressing, (or you could leave the dressing out of the pie and use it for a dip). Don’t forget to butter the sides of each piece of bread that face the iron. Just hold it over the edge of the fire and look at it every once in awhile to see if it’s toasty-looking or until you’re too hungry to wait any longer. You’re welcome.

AND, for your enjoyment, the video of the ruined wedding processional that started today’s conversation:

Enjoy this week’s podcast episode – hope to see you again next Tuesday !





014 – Flat-rate Photography and Iconic Photographs Part 2

Ted and Christine bemoan the introduction of Qikpix, a flat-rate photography service in Chicago. After getting a slight grip, they continue the conversation from a previous episode with further discussion of iconic photographs and whether it’s within the reach of a wedding and/or portrait photographer, complete with a discussion of what photographers in recent history come the closest to being able to pull it off. Christine expands on the iconic photographs most meaningful to her and Ted lets the cat out of the bag regarding a future Pulitzer-Prize winning guest.

As is our tradition, here are a handful of links to keep your mind occupied for a bit:

The article that spawned our hatred: Qikpix Launches $99/Hour Flat Rate Photography In Chicago


A few of Christine’s favorite iconic photographs:

The Ultimate Confrontation: The Flower and the Bayonet (copyright Marc Ribaud)


1970 Pulitzer Prize winning photograph by John Filo


And the work of two talented portrait photographers discussed in this episode:

Richard Avedon


Annie Leibovitz


Oh, still reading, are you? Well then, check *this* out:

013 – Man Rompers and Iconic Photographs

Ted and Christine discuss iconic photographs and photojournalism. What makes an iconic photograph? Can iconic photographs still be achieved in this day of advanced technologies and proliferation of cameras? Stepping outside the seriousness is a discussion of the man romper, its place in society and the seat-gripping question “Isn’t it hard to (ahem) use the facilities?”

This episode is just full of “for further research” references, so here they are, in no particular order:

Ted shares one of the sites he looks to for daily inspiration:  Associated Press Images Spotlight

The Image, Deconstructed. An interview with Thomas Franklin, the photographer of this iconic image:

The CNN article, 25 of the Most Iconic Images.

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, the publicity stunt that resulted in an iconic photograph.

And last, but not least – the man romper that will earn Ted $200:

011 – Disney Escapades & ShutterFest Attitudes

Ted and Christine lead off the discussion with a recap of their recent adventures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the infamous Facebook Live recording from the top of the Tower of Terror. Things get a little more heated when they return to the topic of Sal’s ShutterFest 2017 Incident, this time in his defense. Whodathunk? Listen in while we bless the heart of a misguided PetaPixel article author.

Since we don’t really want to run traffic to good-old-you-know-who at good-old-you-know-where, here’s some information about Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and a picture of Christine’s $17 Spirit Air lunch.


010 – Controversy: Moments in Photographic History & Shutterfest Results

Dead Confederate soldiers near Dunker Church following the Battle of Antietam. Photograph by Alexander Gardner

Back once again with the topic of controversy, Ted and Christine discuss the 10 most controversial moments in the history of photography; expanding on an article written by John Ortved for History.com. To continue with the theme, they then delve into the recent hoop-lah surrounding the ShutterFest competition results.

As always – here are a few resources to further your own education on this episode’s topics:

These Are the 10 Most Controversial Moments in the History of Photography

A Photo Contest Owner Won His Own Contest, and Pitchforks Came Out

Smash His Camera

009 – Cat Island and Merits for Sale

Who *really* earned those merits and loans? Should hired retouchers be allowed in competition? At what point does someone else’s editing interpretation become the reason that an image excels? A post PPA Northeast District discussion as Ted & Christine analyze the facets that conflict with the spirit of competition.

The weekly cat segment of the podcast occurs first this week and covers an amazing place… because cats. Let us introduce you to Aoshima, Japan’s “Cat Island” – below is a cat after Ted’s own heart…

A cat carries a fish on Aoshima Island on February 25, 2015. Thomas Peter/Reuters.

To see this place of wondrousness filled with furry balls of happiness – please enjoy this video from CBS Sunday Morning:

At some point we get serious with a discussion of PPA’s recent NorthEast district competition (and Christine’s results there) which segues into a Very Serious Discussion on hired retouchers in competition. How often do photographs  of sub-merit quality turn into outstanding competition images with hired digital wizardry? Essentially, can merits be bought? Can loans be bought? You can probably tell which side of the fence we land on and yeah, if you hire retouchers for your competition images, it’s probably going to tick you off – so fair warning. But on the other hand – we promised to talk about those things that don’t get talked about – we aren’t shy of the touchy topics and we aren’t out to be so PC that you all love us all of the time. Give a listen to some serious points of consideration…