014 – Flat-rate Photography and Iconic Photographs Part 2

Ted and Christine bemoan the introduction of Qikpix, a flat-rate photography service in Chicago. After getting a slight grip, they continue the conversation from a previous episode with further discussion of iconic photographs and whether it’s within the reach of a wedding and/or portrait photographer, complete with a discussion of what photographers in recent history come the closest to being able to pull it off. Christine expands on the iconic photographs most meaningful to her and Ted lets the cat out of the bag regarding a future Pulitzer-Prize winning guest.

As is our tradition, here are a handful of links to keep your mind occupied for a bit:

The article that spawned our hatred: Qikpix Launches $99/Hour Flat Rate Photography In Chicago


A few of Christine’s favorite iconic photographs:

The Ultimate Confrontation: The Flower and the Bayonet (copyright Marc Ribaud)


1970 Pulitzer Prize winning photograph by John Filo


And the work of two talented portrait photographers discussed in this episode:

Richard Avedon


Annie Leibovitz


Oh, still reading, are you? Well then, check *this* out:

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